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Lev Markosyan

Born in Sukhumi, Abkhazia, Georgia, in 1947
Graduated from the Kharkov Industrial Art Institute, Faculty of Monumental Painting
Living and working in Kiev, Ukraine

Selected exhibitions

2008 Festival Art-Kiev, Bottega Gallery Project, Ukrainian House, Kiev, Ukraine
2008 Solo Exhibition, Bottega Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine
2008 Group Exhibition of three remarkable artists - painter Lev Markosyan and
sculptors Aleksandra Ruban and Victor Lipovka, Bottega Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine
2007 Voted 'Artist of the Year', Ukraine
2001 Exhibition 'Space Possible', RussoArtGallery, Moscow, Russia
1999 Painting Exhibition/Competition, Poltava, Ukraine (First Prize)
1998 Solo Exhibition, Mikst Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine
1996 Solo Exhibition, Irena Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine
1995 Solo Exhibition, Parsuna Gallery, Poltava, Ukraine
1994 Art Impressions, Kiev, Ukraine
1993 Pictorial Plastic, Kiev, Ukraine
1992 Exhibition of Poltava Artists 'Mistetstvo', Moscow, Russia
1991 Exhibition of Russian and Ukrainian Artists, Paris, France
1990 Three Generations of Ukrainian Painting, Kiev, Ukraine and Odense, Denmark
1989 National Painting Competition, Kiev, Ukraine (First Prize)
1989 Paintings by Artists of Poltava, West Germany
1980 National Art Exhibition, Sukhumi, Abkhazia
1974 Exhibition of Abkhazian Artists, Tbilisi, Georgia

Markosyan's work can be found in many museums in Ukraine and Abkhazia and also in private collections in USA, Germany, Norway, UK, Canada, Ireland, Denmark, Israel, Oman and France

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